Wednesday, July 25, 2007


On Saturday the alarm went off way too early for my liking. It certainly would be nice to sleep in one of these days. Anyway it was another early morning to go ride the course for the Chisago Half Ironman this weekend. Kimmi and I met a couple others from the team to ride. Ms. R was feeling under the weather so she had to stay home and get health. She wasn’t happy about this because this will be her first Half Iron and her big race for the year. So getting sick hasn’t been the greatest for the nerves.

The course is actually a really nice course with some scenic roads down by the river. The only problem was that we took a little detour early in the ride. One wrong turn and we were 7 miles off course. After asking a friendly runner where we were, we back tracked the right way to finish off the ride. Not that the extra mileage is bad for me or anything, but when you have in your head that you are riding 56 and end up going 70, you want nothing more then to be done. After getting though the bumpy road down by the river and finally climbing back up the valley we finally arrived back at our starting point. It felt really good to be done. Yes it was good to do the extra miles, but at the time I was having none of it.

We spent the rest of the weekend outside of my hometown for a family reunion. Nothing like seeing aunt, uncles, and cousins who you haven’t seen in probably a year or so and who all of a sudden have kids of there own. There were at least a dozen little ones running around or being held by various family members. There was a good showing overall with about 60 people making it to the main meal on Sunday. After spending some quality time with the fam is was time to head back to the cities to end the long weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate it when my runs "seem longer than I thought they should be"! It has become common knowledge to not let me lead the pack.

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1:41 PM  
Blogger Taconite Boy said...

Have a good race this weekend! 6 weeks to Iron!

4:26 PM  

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