Thursday, July 19, 2007


It may be self diagnosed by I feel that I have the symptoms of a possibly chronic disorder know as P.A.T.S which stand for premature alarm termination syndrome. Symptoms of this disorder are noticed when one is scheduled for an early morning workout yet turns off the alarm in a semiconscious state after it has sounded not knowing that this action is taking place. This debilitating condition has massive repercussions when trying to train for any major endurance event say an Ironman. The workout lost is rarely made up since little time is available for training in the first place. Scientists are working around the clock to find a cure for this condition. Endurance athletes who are very heavy sleepers or are functioning on inadequate sleep are very prone to this disorder. Progress was thought to being made with the alarm across the room and bucket of water on the head treatments, but no fool proof cure has yet to be discovered. Public opinions are always desired to aid scientists is solving this crippling condition. So please blogland, submit your suggestions and help prevent early morning workout loss. The endurance athlete community thanks you…


Blogger Taconite Boy said...

Tac boy's super senses can be alerted to your PATS, you will be recieving calls at very early hours if needed.

6:03 PM  
Blogger mouse said...

I was just going to say... do I have to start giving you early morning wakeup calls?

6:26 PM  
Blogger Steve S. said...

Oh God, I suffer from that too!

I just stumbled across your blog - my wife (Pharmie) and I are from St. Paul and we're training for IM WI too! AND we were both out at WIBA! Good luck!!

10:04 AM  

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