Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pretty Fine

Yesterday was about as nice of a day as you could ask for. The temp was in the low to mid 70’s and the sun was shining. Its days like that when I really wish I didn’t sit at a desk all day. I went out to grab some lunch and I nearly didn’t come back. It was almost a shame that I had to swim last night after work. I would have much preferred to be out biking or running but in the pool is where I needed to be. With the warmer temps the pool didn’t seem quite as cold as it normally does. After my swim I paced a bit around my apartment debating. It was truly too nice out to not get a little bit of a bike or run in after my swim. That said my legs were a little stiff from the weekend and with the ½ marathon approaching I’m in rest legs mode. After some more pacing and mumbling to myself I changed and headed out the door for a nice “easy” run. At least I tried to keep it easy, but the nice weather always seems to go against the easy vibe. To not over due it I kept it to only 3 miles which was the smart thing to do, but not exactly what I wanted to do.

Tonight we have another TNT meeting. The first part is designed to go over USA Triathlon rules and stuff like that. Since most of the team in new to the sport this is important stuff to know. I just might happen to miss that part, darn. The rest of the time we will spend going over transitions. I think transitions are a lot of fun, but they do take some practice. Of course this means that I have to lug all my gear to the meeting, which if I remember right is on the opposite end of the Twin Cities from where I live. doh Speaking of gear I suppose I better try my wetsuit on when I get home from work. Hopefully the thing still fits. Not that its real important for tonight besides demonstration, but we have our first open water swim on Thursday and it will be needed for that. We’ll see how much sucking in of the gut I’ll have to do to get the thing on. I mean the material will only stretch so much…

Quote of the Day: In hindsight, the runs we struggle to finish are more impressive than the runs we fly through. - Nic


Blogger SafetyBob007 said...

Hey big guns :-) we are going to ride before boot camp, you in? try to get 15-18 in prior to beating ourselves up. Bob

11:22 AM  
Blogger Nic said...

Yep, it sill kills me that my quote ends with a preposition... :)

9:26 PM  

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