Friday, March 30, 2007


Well for starters it’s pretty obvious that blogging has not been one of them. Really I’m going to get my act together on this. A new month is coming along and I’ll start hitting the blog sense harder. I swear!

In other news I’ve been able to get some consistent training in the last couple of weeks. At least something of a routine is starting to form. I don’t feel like I’m out of the woods yet with my training, but it’s getting better. Plus there are a couple of signs that things are heading in the right direction. 1) I had to put a huge order in for drink powder and stuff like that. 2) Deep tissue massages are back on the schedule. Tonight is the first one. (oh the pain, but it hurts so good!)

The Final Four is this weekend which means that I’m going to have to spend at least a little bit of time in front of the tube. I was doing really well in my bracket til Kansas decided to choke but I’m still hanging by a thread in fourth place. Somehow Mouse is leading the bracket. hehe Though I will point out I have more correct picks then her. :P That’s about all I can muster since she’s going to be at the Final Four in person. Now that’s a lucky lady.

Have a great weekend. If you are in the Midwest stay dry. It looks like the rain in going to continue through the weekend. Later…


Blogger Firefly's Running said...

Have fun tonight, Mike!!

5:40 PM  
Blogger TriShannon said...

Glad to hear the training is coming together!

Go OSU!!

2:36 PM  
Blogger mouse said...

I KNOW! so lucky.

I ended up in third though. booooo.

2:24 PM  

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