Wednesday, February 21, 2007


With all that I’m undertaking this season the list of sacrifices I will have to make it quite long. Training and coaching will take me almost completely out of my usual social circle. There will be the hits to the body and my health that comes along with such training. The hours asleep will not be the right ratio for the hours that I’m awake and the energy that I will be expending. The list goes on, but these are known upfront and some are unavoidable. Yes you always strive to negate the effects of training and the things that land on the chopping block, but in the end something will end up there. As much as I’m ok with the sacrifices it will take to make it across the finish line at IMWI.

There is one part that is really hard to swallow, yet there is little I can do about it. That is the sacrifices that others will make on my behalf. This mainly includes the time away from those very close people in my life. Those relationships that will have to learn how to compromise in order continue and thrive. That things will have to evolve enough to support the limited hours in each day. That others will have to do a lot of rearranging of their lives in order for me to be successful. This continues to be a hard pill for me to swallow and it’s one that I’ve procrastinated in taking. Like many endurance athletes I’m a typical control freak, but this time around I have control of even less.

In looking at this situation my efforts can only be applied in a few spots to help ease the affects this season will bring. Overall I can think of one way to ease this frustration that I have with the sacrifices others will make and hopefully theirs as well. That is to honor them with every workout that takes me away from those I’m close to. That I give my best every time I step out the door so that every hour that I’m away will not be wasted. All I can hope for is that my efforts will match what others have sacrificed for me so that when the day is over all parties involved can truly say that it was all worth it. That the sacrifices that everyone has made will have their payoff in September and everyone can share in the finale of this amazing journey.

That is my hope and dream for myself as well as everyone who has a stake in or just watching my Ironman journey. On that note I must say thank you to all…


Blogger Don said...

If it helps any in swallowing that pill, I am one of many blood cancer "survivors" who will be eternally grateful for the work that you do for TnT.

Little by little you and your TnT runners are saving our lives.

I honor you and those to you.

8:08 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Okay so got teary eyed both at your post and Don's comment.

Mike, you are an inspiration to triathletes, marathoners, athletes and all others. Your selflessness and kindspirited attitude keeps us motivated. We love and understand you out here in Bloggerland.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Firefly's Running said...

Mike, I know about how training can take yourself away from friends and family. But the end result is worth it at the end.

3:19 PM  
Blogger TriSaraTops said...

Thank YOU for taking us along!

4:14 PM  

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