Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Some Hits and Misses

At the midway point in the week things have gone pretty well on the training side of things. A couple trips to the pool and spinning with the team last night have all been workouts. The one miss was this morning when I was suppose to get up and do some running and lifting. Last night was another late night due to coaching. We didn’t get home til 10:30 or so and it was midnight by the time we crawled into bed. I did set the alarm for 5:30, but I just couldn’t manage it after another night of little sleep. I figured my rest was more important. So it was go go gadget sleep for an extra hour or so. I’m still a little worn out today, but I’m sure it would have been much worse if I had went to the gym as planned.

It’s pretty typical to get a least a little bit of snow in MN during the month of April. Usually it’s a quick shower and its gone is a day or so. This time around the temps have dropped as well. It’s been in the 30’s for the last two days and it’s not supposed to get back into the 40’s til the end of the weekend. Blah…It kind of kills my plans for using my day off on Friday to get a nice long ride in outside. Yes some may call me a weakling when it comes to riding outdoors, but I’m just not one for wanting to have to worry about frostbite or be completely covered to ride outside. hehe Anyway it looks like more time on the trainer this week to get some saddle time in.

Finally I have to say congrats to E-Speed who had the number one ranking for the RBF Final Four bracket. I dropped to 10th overall after not picking either of the final two teams. I did end up tied for second in the correct picks category. So I’ll take that as a small victory.

Happy hump day folks…


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Just dropped by to say Hi


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(echo, echo, echo)

Where u at?

:) Hope all is well!

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