Monday, August 28, 2006

6 Days

I made the effort, but six days was all I could go without a workout. I really tried to make it the full seven, but it didn’t happen. On Saturday morning, or mid-morning, neighbor Kim and I headed out for a run. Of course we had different opinions on how far we should run. I was like a nice easy three sounds good, while she was more inclined to do around 6. Now normally I’d be up for more mileage, but I wasn’t sure how much body was going to react. Plus Kim was a little misinformed about the 6 mile route she wanted to do. (It’s more like 9) So we settled on an out and back route that ended up being 6.5 miles. For the first 4.5 miles things felt ok. My body was little upset with me, but nothing major was going on. More of the why are you doing this type stuff. The last couple of miles were a different story. The body went into total reject mode. First it was my knee and then it was my right arch. I guess this was my payback for jumping the gun a bit. Finally we made it back to our apartment building after a 1/3 mile cool-down walk. It was great morning to be running, but my body isn’t quite ready yet. My arch is still bothering me, which is not a good sign. Hopefully all the icing will help because I can’t wait too long if I want to make it through Chicago.

In other news I was out with some friends on Saturday night. It seems like ages since I was out bar hopping. Bar hopping led to closing the last place down. Again all very strange considering it’s been months and months since I’ve closed a place down. I guess its all part of what most people might call “normal” life, but that doesn’t have much of a place in mine when I’m training and racing. So finally I made my way home and in bed by about 3 AM. Wondering why I was out so late when I had to be up to coach the next morning. After about 3.5 hours of sleep I was up to coach my tri team. By mid-day yesterday I was seriously hurting. Not much besides the necessity to eat drove me out of my apartment again to go get groceries. After that I pretty much was a waste of space.

Oh and finally I got a photo postcard from my brother. It took awhile, but I finally got a look at what my new nephew looks like. So here is a picture of Ethan Skyler.

I hope you all have a great weekend and your races went well if that’s what you were going. Take care…


Anonymous Audrey said...

Cute baby!

I wanted to pass along that while training for my second 'thon I missed 2.5 complete weeks of training during the peak month of training (no running, only stationary biking with a big blue medical shoe on my foot) and ended up able to run the marathon. I had some sort of inflammation that went away with some anti-inflammatories and, most importantly, rest. I was psyched to be able to pick up my training through as I had worried about missing the 'thon. I'm actually taking this week off myself to let my hamstring heal before the tri AND the marathon. Of course I'm unhappy about taking a whole week off, BUT what's helping a lot is knowing that won't wreck my marathon plans.

GOod luck with the foot.

5:42 PM  
Blogger Nic said...

Congrats on the nephew, Uncle Mike! And way to go on closing down the bar. Balance is a good thing. Even if it means you can't quite stand up the next day...

11:36 PM  

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