Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sunscreen and Sunset

Well after my last post about training tan lines it was quickly noted that we all should be taking the necessary precautions against the sun when we are training. So I thank Audrey and Nic for once again reminding us all what we should be doing before we head out for our workouts. That said no amount of sunscreen will get in the way of the tan lines when you are out for a really long session. So whether you were smart and just out for a long time or forgot to put on the block, tan lines come with every type of endurance training. I guess we’ll wait and see if anyone’s willing to show theirs off. (Audrey just look the other way. hehe)

On Monday night I was with a group of friends out on Lake Minnetonka. We were treated to a great night out on the lake. There were the usual cocktails and snacks followed by fooling around in the water. Who could do the best cannonball, flip, and all that jazz. Just as the sun was setting we moseyed over to a lakeside restaurant for dinner. Making our way back to the cars an almost full moon had risen over the water lighting up the dark sky. If you’ve never crusied around on a boat at night with a full moon in the sky you really are missing out. All in all it was a great time and perfect way to end the day.

No Bob I don't want to go back in the water!


Host and Hostess
Sunset on Lake Minnetonka


Blogger mouse said...

for the record, I am anti-tanline as well, with the whole "being pale as death" thing and all. but last weekend I had a freak incident where I poured a bottle of water over my head and it must have severely hindered the ability of my sunblock on half of my arms and the back of my neck, because I have these big streaks on me. first time i've been sunburned in 3 years.

anyways, my point being that as I was contemplating taking a picture of said tan lines for this "contest" (since I am a picture whore and all) I realized that in order to do so and in order for you to be able to see the tan lines, I'd basically have to take a topless photo.

sorry mike, I will not take my shirt off for you. not without excessive amounts of alcohol, at least.

1:50 PM  
Blogger jessie_tri_mn said...

I was out on Minnetonka last weekend with some friends, and now wish I'd brought a camera, because one friend just returned from a long bike tour and had the worst bike short tan I've ever seen.

Nice sunset!

Me? SPF 30 leaves little tan lines. That and I train very little outdoors these days ;)

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Audrey said...

Yeah. At first I just assumed that was you holding hands with that girl..and I thought, "Mike's got a chic!! But how did I miss that??" Then it occurred to me that perhaps you don't spill forth your entire life into your blog like I do most of the time. Then it occurred to me I don't think that's you in the picture...

I have a watch tan, but that's nowhere near as exciting as Mouse's tan.

3:04 PM  
Blogger rice said...

awesome photos.



8:29 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

GRRR i want to play in that lake!!!! boston doesnt have such beauty...unless you think kittylitter sand with syringes are beautiful! :)

10:28 AM  

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