Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Regular scheduled spin

Last night I headed back to my regular spin/heat class. The combo of spin and plyometrics is such a great workout. The instructor asked if there were any requests and with no responses she just asked if we wanted her to kick our butts, which she received a few nods for. Personally I was game for a good brutal workout. The instructor didn’t fail her mission. I was definitely struggling towards the end of the spin part. To get the plyometrics off on the right foot she added another set of stairs. This meant 6 trips up and down the stairs. Can you feel the burn? Like hills I’ve always been a fan of stairs so I didn’t mind the extra set. Later I was to struggle through some outer thigh exercises and some back kick things that left me hating life.

Getting back into my regular Monday night class was a good way to cap off the start of another week. I mean ya gotta go for the little things on a Monday right? I hope your Monday treated you well. Take care…


Blogger Keryn said...

That does sound like an awesome workout! I love leg work because I can really feel it. Powerful legs are worth all the pain...

4:16 PM  
Blogger TriSaraTops said...

A fan of hills AND stairs?

Can I have some of whatever you're on? :) hee hee

5:03 PM  

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