Monday, May 01, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Let’s recap the weather report from the last few days. Friday rain, Saturday rain, Sunday rain, and today we have more rain. Seriously! I think we’ve had enough rain for one shot. Of course the weather people will make statements like we need the rain, which is probably true but it sure puts wrinkle in my weekend training plans. Those long rides and runs will just have to wait until Mother Nature stops crying. Would someone get her a tissue please?

In other news Kim and I hosted our bowl-a-thon fundraiser yesterday. We had a really good turnout which was great. I think that’s the worst part about holding a fundraiser is you never know if people are going to show. It was a little slow in the beginning, but within a half hour of the event starting we had people bowling on every lane we reserved. When everything was tallied up we raised over $550 for the cause. I call that a successful fundraiser.

I hope your weekend went well and hopefully it was a little drier then mine. It wouldn’t have taken much. :)


Blogger KT said...

Congrats on the fundraiser! Sounds like a fabulous success!

7:09 AM  
Blogger SafetyBob007 said...

Great job on the fundraise. Sorry Hiromi and I missed it we were ridding the 102 mile in the rain and no one else from the team showed up....... :-) Seriously, great jon on the fundraising and BTW, Hirom did AWSOME! I was so impressed that she completed her first century ride. She was the rock star on Sunday.

7:20 AM  
Blogger Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Our weather was perhaps a little dryer, if you call cold, windy and snowy drier.

Great job and congrats on the fund raiser.

7:10 PM  

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