Monday, February 27, 2006

Where did my weekend go?

I swear my weekend went by like a puff of smoke on a windy day. One second it is there and the next it is gone. If the lateness of this entry is any indication I’m still playing catch-up. It was like one minute I’m downtown Minneapolis and the next thing I know it’s Sunday evening and I’m home doing chores around the apartment. Some serious time warping going on and I’m not sure if I’m ready to do it again. (But feel free to sing the refrain)

The live band karaoke/birthday outing was a really good time. A good number of people came and went as the evening progressed. The majority of us were either chatting away in the back while having a drink or upfront dancing away. Sorry to report that none from our crew took over the mic to perform. Actually the number of people singing was a lot less then in times past. Maybe it was just an off night. Needless to say I ended up staying out later then I was planning. I mean it’s hard to call it quits when you are having a good time even though you know you really should be in bed. I wasn’t exactly thrilled when the alarm went off after getting less than 5 hours of sleep.

Saturday morning was bright, chilly, and a bit windy as we gathered for our group run. It was a good run and we everyone made it around the lake for a little over a 3 mile run. Having run with different pace groups, myself and a couple of the other mentors did a second lap to get a “real” run in. I grabbed a Jamba Juice, Berry Lime Sublime of course, on my way to the pool to lead a 10:45 swim. I had 6 newer swimmers to work with during the swim workout. We went over drills and technique for most of the time. It was a good workout and each one was doing better by the end. I stayed out of the water til the very end to help one lady one-on-one. Then when we were just finishing up a young lady stopped by and asked if this was the TNT group. I said it was and she stated that she had just joined and this was her first group workout. My guess is that she had the times wrong because she showed up about exactly an hour late. Given that this was her first workout I couldn’t just leave. So I stayed and worked with her for another 45 minutes or so. I finally got out of there at around 12:30 and I was ready to crash. Needless to say I didn’t amount to much the rest of the day. There was some napping, TV watching, and other low key activities the rest of the day.

Shadoweyes made is return to the apartment Sunday after recovering from surgery at his parents. He seems to be doing ok, but the whole crutches thing is a bit of a hindrance. His mobility is pretty good, but carrying stuff around is a bit difficult. I thinking I need to hijack one of those scooter from the grocery store. That way he could carry his stuff and still keep his leg up. Wonder what the security is like at those places. Sunday afternoon some of the TNT group met up at a pizza place to socialize and watch an older Ironman video. It is from 98 or 99 and one of the feature stories is about the Hoyt family. Check out their site. If you don’t know the story during his birth the Rick’s brain was damaged and he was unable to develop normally. Rick has basically no motor functions and can really only communicate through a special computer. His dad wanted his son to live a normal life and they found doing races as a part of this. Of course the Ironman is one of the ultimate races and it covered their story. I had heard about them, but I hadn’t seen any of the video. Needless today it was pretty inspiring and there were a few wet cheeks as the story progressed.

So that is a bit of my whirlwind weekend. No wonder I was so tired when I woke up this morning. I think I need to learn how to power nap…


Blogger Megs said...

thanks for the well wishes!!

2:28 AM  
Blogger mouse said...

I used to end up with shopping carts in my front yard all the time in high school. if that's any indication, the security at grocery stores isn't too spectacular.

(yes, I hung out with crazy people - who really thought their jokes were funny - in high school)

3:28 AM  
Blogger Keryn said...

Wow...I'm tired after reading that! What a weekend!

4:07 AM  
Blogger jessie_tri_mn said...

Ah the power nap. A true art form really.

I've got a twenty minute power nap down, 10 minutes to fall asleep, 5 minutes of "deep" sleep and 5 minutes to wake back up. The most refreshing 20 minutes I ever spend!

Although, not sure where in your weekend you could have even fit twenty minutes ;)

5:30 AM  
Blogger shadoweyes said...

Oh yeah I'm back! If nothing else, my crutches and stumbling around will be a constant reminder to walchka to take care of himself (though I continue to sorta deny that my masochism has anything higher than a tiny correlation with the damage done).

5 more weeks!

6:15 AM  

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