Thursday, June 15, 2006

It’s Spreading

Well I’ve very pleased to report that one of our nubie triathletes is really taking the plunge into the sport. Out of nowhere SafteyBob has signed up to do the Pigman ½ Ironman with me in August. This is really exciting news. It’s pretty fun seeing someone new to the sport dive head first like I’ve kind of done. So yes one of my little fishies is making his way out too the deep ocean. Actually he kills me in the swim so I’m actually the little fish when compared to Bob.

Last night we had our travel meeting for the Philly TNT crew. It was exciting to go over all the material and plans. I saw many anxious looks as we went over the stuff and some general race questions. Except for myself and one other person I think this will be the first Olympic distance triathlon for everyone else on the team. It’s been a wonder to see everyone progress over the last several months to prepare for this event. Neighbor Kim said it best when she mentioned that “now we are actually going.” Up til now the race had just been some future event that will happen eventually. Now that future has arrived and I’m stoked. My mind was on a roll after the meeting which left me with about 3.5 hours of sleep. So yeah I’m dragging a bit today.

One item that my mind was churning on last night was the mixes that I’m making. At least I can say I accomplished something during my bit of insomnia. Here is the first draft of my pre-pre-race mix. I’m still taking suggestions if you have some…

Telepopmusic - Breathe
Portishead - Invisible/Insensible
Zero 7 – In the Waiting Line
Moby - Down Slow
Evanescence - Hello
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats
Thievery Corporation - Until the Morning
Sia - Breath Me
U2 - Origin Of The Species


Blogger SafetyBob007 said...

Thanks for the motivation! Should be fun, o.k painful but fun.

And the little bit that I might be able to get ahead of you in the swim, you would make up in the first 30 feet of the run :-) If not sooner.

But I'm wokring on it. :-) Actually tomorrow I am doing a track workout for the first time and ride before I head to the wedding. Funny how this seeps into your life :-) It's a drug. And I LOVE IT.....

3:12 PM  

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