Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kick back and enjoy

This was the motto we followed last night out on the lake and it couldn’t have worked out better. After begin in the car for over an hour dealing with traffic I finally made it to Lake Minnetonka to meet up with the crew. I arrived just as the boat was docking up at the lake side restaurant. We moseyed up to the bar to have a drink while we waited for the last two people to arrive. The sun was shining and there was no sight of the rain the weather people had called for. Given the warm island feel of the weather I figured it was best to start things off with a long island. (ahhh, is there a more perfect drink in the world? I think not) Plus being a lightweight these days I new it would set me off right. After the arrival of everyone we headed out on the lake to take in the calm waters and warm air. We toured a couple of the bays and finally dropped anchor for a bit. We had a couple of swimmers but most of us just chilled out enjoying the company, snacks, and libations.

After the swimmers had finished up we headed out to another lake side restaurant for a late dinner. So tack on some more food, booze, and continuous and at time very hysterical conversation. It was getting late by the time we headed back to our starting point, but we all enjoyed the dark ride back just chatting or looking at the stars. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day to be out on the lake. The water was calm, the weather was amazing, and everyone just kicked back and enjoyed the evening out on the lake…

Quote of the Day: We are either the masters or the victims of our attitudes. It is a matter of personal choice. Who we are today is the result of choices made yesterday. Tomorrow we will become what we choose today. To change means to choose to change. - John C. Maxwell


Blogger TriSaraTops said...

Sounds like fun--I am jealous!

Long island = tasty.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Audrey said...

um, wow. i wish my friends and i could organize ourselves...we can't even pick out a movie... this sounds brilliant.

3:12 PM  

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