Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Philly – Part 1 of 4 (The Why)

As I sit here listening to my pre-pre-race mix my mind tries to grasp all that unfolded over the course of the last several days. My trip to Philly was amazing on so many levels that it will most likely take some time before I truly digest it all. As much as I want to dive into the race and all that I encountered during that 2.5 hours it wouldn’t be right of me to begin with my race because the weekend wasn’t really about me or my race. Racing was just a reward for the work that was accomplished by 250 individuals who came together to celebrate a job well done.

Looking back my weekend really held two purposes. The first and most important is the continuation of the work that is done by the LLS. Their mission is our focus of all that is done with TNT and it’s simply amazing to be apart of a such a great organization and program. I mean does it really get much better then being apart of the world’s largest endurance training program who’s end purpose is to continue to help fund the LLS? For myself I haven’t found anything better yet and I’m not sure I will. By being involved with TNT I can be apart of the endurance community and support on great non-profit all at the same time. For me it’s just a nice fit.

The second purpose that really stands out for me is the growth and performance of the athletes I’ve been working with since February. In February I met a new group of strangers who had signed up for the crazy journey to complete an Olympic distance triathlon while supporting the LLS. This group of strangers was made up on individuals who all had their own strengths and weaknesses. They would encounter numerous obstacles in the following months. This group tested their limits again and again. Reaching beyond what they thought was possible. They turned new leaf after new leaf as they showed up at the various group training sessions as well as working out on their own. They all logged 1000s of laps in the pool and miles on the bike and run. They fought setbacks, injuries, and frustrations to achieve their goals. It didn’t matter whether their goal was to just finish or just to finish well. What mattered was that they came to put it all on the line to see what they were truly made of. What they were all made up is the unwavering courage, strength, and above all heart.

So to the entire TNT Philly Tri team you will always be heroes in my eyes. You took it upon yourselves to challenge who you were and what you were capable of doing. You put yourselves out there to a new experience. Working with and trusting new people who you had no idea how crazy they truly were until it was too late. (I mean enthusiastic not crazy, besides I’ve never been good at hiding my “enthusiasm”) Plus at the same time you helped raise money for a great cause. For all your hard work and dedication to your training and the cause I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Stayed tuned for part 2, The Race…I’ll post it during my lunch break today…


Blogger SafetyBob007 said...

Look forward to the continuation. And you are so right on the TNT LLS experience it brings individuals together to fight together, for a cause much greater than each of us, but we are moving the mountain together. It is such a powerful experience. And our mentors (you and everyone) and our coach have molded us into atheletes and truly a team. Thank you.

And on a lighter note, you also make us do crazy things like trying the 1/2. Oh boy that time is coming fast eeekkkk!

8:48 AM  

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