Monday, June 19, 2006

Tick Tock

The countdown to Philly officially started this morning when I dropped off my bike at the LLS office. I cleaned and lubed my bike yesterday in preparation for the race and its trip out to Philly. After a quick stop at the LBS for a pedal wrench and taking the pedals off things were finally ready to go. The pedal wrench purchase came in handy when last night a fellow teammate called saying she was having trouble getting her pedals off. This morning I as arrived at the office there were more people who couldn’t get their pedals off. Actually one lady had one pedal off, but not the other. It was a bit amusing, and we finally got all the pedals off all the bikes. So the bikes are on the road and they will be waiting for use when we arrive in Philly.

I had my last big training workout on Saturday. I did a brick of 27 miles on the bike followed by a 6 mile run. The bike went pretty well with the exception of the wind. I struggled a bit on the run, but I think it was mostly due to the hot temperatures and being a bit tired from the day’s activities. Normally I would have done with workout a lot earlier, I didn’t start til 1:00, but I was working with my TNT team during the first part of the day. I had my team do a double brick during the morning. They rode 10 miles and then ran 3 miles twice. It was a really hard workout, but they all did really well. During the workout I stayed with the gear while they did loops around the lakes. While I watched, waited, and cheered I handed out water, bananas, and Gu as needed. I was really proud of how well they did. It was really muggy out, but they pulled through it very well.

Along with getting all my stuff together for the trip on Friday I’ve also started my weather forecast watching. I know that the forecast are always wrong, because there is only so much ya can really predict when it comes to the weather, but I will be tuning in to what they are saying for the Philly area. Right now they are saying 74° F, with a 30% chance of scatter T-Storms. The temp would be great for racing, but I could do without the rain. Rain on race day = Blah!


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Hoping for a rain and wind-free day for ya! :)

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